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We are often looking for simple ways to make our routine easier. More and more people are opting for microfiber towels because of their many practical advantages: it is one of the best choices for taking care of your hair!

Ultra-absorbent and allows quick drying:

Microfiber towels are known for their super absorbency! For quick drying, wring out your hair and wrap it in the towel for around 30 minutes. Thanks to their fine fibers, they can absorb several times their own weight in liquid. You can therefore dry your hair much more quickly than with a cotton towel. A good alternative to a hairdryer! Additionally, these towels also dry very quickly, which is ideal for people who are always on the go or for outdoor activities.

Compact and lightweight:

This makes them perfect for travel, hiking, sports sessions or beach vacations. You can easily store it in a small bag and take it everywhere with you, they take up much less space!

Improves the action of care:

Is your hair dull, damaged, dehydrated or lacking shine? If this is the case, you need to establish a good skincare routine! However, we all know how long it is to wait in the shower while our mask works... Using a microfiber towel, you can wrap your hair after applying the mask, and leave it to act for several hours, or even all night! The benefits of your treatment will thus be multiplied!

Does not damage hair unlike cotton towels:

Friction caused by a cotton towel can cause damage to the hair cuticle. Our hair gets caught which causes stretching, tension, and unnecessary damage. By opting for a microfiber towel, you will treat your hair gently, thus avoiding frizz, split ends and breakage!


Microfiber towels are extremely durable and hard-wearing. Unlike cotton towels that can wear out quickly and become rough after multiple washes, microfiber towels maintain their softness and quality even after many washes. They are also stain and fade resistant, meaning they will have a much longer lifespan than traditional towels.

Don't wait any longer to take care of your beautiful hair! You can find our microfiber towel offered with the Good Hair Women 3 months & 6 months anti-hair loss packs. It's the little gestures that make the difference